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Worry to Over worry

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Things always start small, it will never happen other way. There will always be a trigger, a thought, a situation or an event which will be the starting point for the chain of events. We all know that stress and anxiety is a reason, for all kinds of panic attacks. Plus too many of these panic attacks can result in one taking drastic steps. But have you ever investigated or interrogate your feelings, what happens when stress or anxiety begins or how it begins or what are the events which leads to anxiety and how it goes to the level of panic?

As, I have been writing in my previous topics that its nothing else, but your thoughts, lack of understanding towards your mind and our laziness towards bringing the change is majorly responsible for any or every kind of worry and stress we go through in life. Furthermore the process of overthinking on top, just makes the situation worse and leads to panic and severe anxiety. It's like playing tennis nonstop for hours and hours, you know what will happen, at one point you will be drained of all your energy and things will become extremely harsh. On top of it, we are too lazy to learn the technique of letting go and acceptance. Learn more about letting go, click here.

After my own interrogation and introspection I have came to the following realization on how a small situation gets massively mountainous in just few moments. How unawareness towards our actions, mind and body leads to us sinking into the deep pit of worries and mental troubles.

Lets learn how a small worry changes to something big:

1. One Simple thought: It all begins with a small worry, it could be a thought as simple as: what should I wear or what should I cook tonight or I can't sleep or thoughts about something happened in the past or might happen future.

2. Thinking ability and ability to Remember(Memory): Its like our brain controls this body, heart controls the blood pumping, kidney controls the detoxification our mind works through thoughts. We do not get bothered when our heart pumps the blood, kidney does its work or liver does its work. Rather we take it as blessing, that this body is such a amazing creation which heals by itself, does most of the work by itself. Same way mind does its work through thoughts, which is again an amazing blessing.

A human being can think super fast, one moment we are thinking about something happened 10 years ago and next moment you start thinking about the possibility of something happening in future 20 years down the line. Able to think is a blessing beyond doubt, it has helped us come this far and helped us with so many inventions and betterments. But this ability if not understood well or taken care off appropriately, it can become compulsive and could result in lots of destructive thoughts and bad memories. One need to show path to mind, in terms of which way to think, which memory to let go, what to accept. This is what we lack and that sometimes result in overthinking or compulsive thinking.

3. Mountain of Worry in Seconds: Now these to abilities of mind mixes up very skillfully, taking the initial small worry/thought and mix up with multiple worries about future, questioning our mere existence down the line.

4. Mind and Body connection: What you think is what you feel. If you think good, you will feel good on body and if you have bad thoughts in mind, then you will get bad feelings. So a thought of worry can trigger unpleasant sensations on the body. Leading to the buildup various emotions like fear, disappointment, anger or rage on the body.

5. Adding Fuel To Fire: Remember you still haven't stopped thinking yet, which is still going on at a rapid speed. Now we are adding fear on fear making the physical stress go over the roof. At this moment you are not just mentally stressed but dreading physically as well, hence the panic attack.

6. Experience of Panic attack: Now over the period of time, due to over occurrence of anxiety, the rate at which you experience panic also goes higher. Which eventually leads to high trigger and higher level of sensitivity even to smallest of thought/worry. This makes us prone to high rate of panic attacks and higher sensitivity to everything leading to heightened level of fear to even small small things.

7. Ability to Remember(Memory): Once one has experienced such events few times, we make the memory of them. These memories are responsible for our higher susceptibility to these conditions. And fighting these experiences when they happens in future, just makes the condition worse and worse

What should be done to Treat the Panic Attacks.

1. Awareness and breaking compulsive behaviour: First and foremost, one needs to be aware of who is in charge of your mind. If you can make thoughts, stop thoughts, divert thoughts, then you need to be aware of this fact, that you are the one who is making these thoughts. Now if you are the one who is making these thoughts, then why your thoughts are controlling you. Why are we slaves of our thoughts, means these thoughts are definitely yours, but they are not you at any time of your life. But the first mistake what we do is we take them as us and start personalizing everything which comes to our mind.

We need to stop identifying with them and stop falling for their trap. Like I m not in mood, I m depressed, I can't do this. All these thoughts, it's you who is producing them, they definitely bring certain feelings on this body. But what we have started doing, because of this experience, we have started identifying too much with these thoughts and feelings they bring. You are maker of these thoughts and feeling, you are not these thoughts. Let's start by realising this and bringing this awareness first.

We need to notice this, that our mind and body are highly interconnected. What thoughts comes to your mind, you feel them on your body as well. If you think something bad, then you will get bad feelings while good thoughts they bring good feelings. And reverse is also true, a bad feeling can trigger chain of bad thoughts and this goes in circle. What I want you to understand is what we call anxiety is our own creation through our thoughts and then personalizing them too much.

You make thoughts but you are not your thoughts. Similar way you make sweat but you are not your sweat. So if a thought is coming to your mind which says I can not do this or I am helpless. Remember you are the one who is creating them, they are yours, but they are not you. Means you can definitely do it and you are not helpless at all.

2. Not Playing tennis with your thoughts: Fighting with your own thoughts is the worst things anyone can do. On a river bed there are all sorts of things, but river doesn't stop for just one thing, rather keeps on moving. Same is life, there will be good thoughts and bad thoughts, analyzing and digging every thought will just make life difficult.

Plus trying to push them away will just create deep troubles. What we are doing is, we are trying to solve the issue created by thoughts by more thoughts. Sometimes you let go by letting things to be and just observe them. This way we make them powerless, otherwise fighting and interrogating every thought coming to mind make us insane.

We fight or push them away, by talking back to them, further worrying about them, trying to push the feeling they bring. What we need to do is acknowledge there presence and accept them as what they are. And that it what is needed to be done, you will see those thoughts will pass away like wind.

3. Love the Unknown: Is it the future what scares you? Worry is all about something which has not happened yet, it could be anything happening next minute to something down the line in few years. And that is what scares most of us, the worry about the realization of an event or something might going wrong.

Have you ever noticed 90% of things we worry about never happens, plus whatever the outcome is, it's in no one's control. So the root cause is the expectations from the event, when there is nothing what we can control externally then why even worry.

Don't be scared, but rather love the uncertainty, if we don't know what is going to happen in future, then worrying about it also doesn't make any sense. But what will make sense is to be positive about the outcome and happy about it. And you have to practice being positive and make it a habit, it won't happen just by thinking about it.

4. Forgive the Past event: Forgiveness plays a big role in making your life and life of people around you easy. If someone has done something to you which had made you deeply hurt, then keeping that hurt in your heart, will just make the issue worse. Small pains can trigger big reactions, so best way is to forgive and forget the event, so that you reduce the possibility of your emotions taking control over your peace. Learn more about forgiveness, click here.

5. Curiosity: Finding solution for every single worry is bothering you the most: Either its loneliness, acceptance from someone, loss of someone dear, some disease whatever the problem is, every problem has a timeline after that it will pass away. As everything around us impermanent, but till the time it's there we need to aware, calm, forgiving and observing, so that we don't fall in the minds trap of curiosity and need for the answer of everything bothering coming to your mind.

Ignore the thought, Our mind has the power to make any small thought into a big issue, by over worrying and over thinking. If every time you will fall into its trap then you won't be able to come out of it and achieve sanity. Sometimes ignoring the thought is the best way to make things normal. It's like living next to train station, after sometime we don't even know we live next to station and those noises stop affecting us.

Same way don't get affected by the too much noise your mind makes, ignoring the thought is a big way to peace.

6. Find the Anchor: It's very important to find a anchor for your mind, which we call mindfulness. That anchor for your mind could be anything so that you don't keep on drowning in the ocean of thoughts but stay on the shore safe. This anchor can be your breath, or work you doing or some chanting word.

Learn walking, sitting, breath, eating or chanting meditation/mindfulness. Bring that anchor in your life and learn the skill.

Whenever you find yourself there in this kind of situation where you feel you are getting empowered by a thought and the feeling of fear is taking over you and you are reaching the stage of panic. Do this and hope it will change your experience and life.


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