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Choosing the right Intelligence.

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Our mind gives us intelligence in many ways, empowers us with capabilities like thinking, imagining and creating. That is what makes humans very unique and separates us from the rest of the life forms. This mind, if used well, can help in manifesting anything we want, it's like a wishing tree, but we need to learn to use it in a rightful way.

Without right training and understanding, most of the time it just goes compulsive and goes against us. Even if we are the one who is creating those thoughts, but those thoughts have the power to take over us completely. Means mind has the power to make us or break us at the same time. That's why the saying, one who has mastered the mind, has conquered the world.

Mind has 4 faculties which are Intellect, Memory, Identification and Awareness. The rightful way of using mind is via awareness but instead we use it through intellect. Lets learn how thoughts are formed and why we start personalizing whatever comes to us through these thoughts. We receive unlimited signals through our sense doors, these signals get recognized by our memory which in turn is based on our identity. Because of this recognition our body produce a sensation which is either pleasant or unpleasant or we can call them as feelings which then leads to the ultimate reaction we give out.

For eg. You saw a flower rose, the signal is red color on eyes, beauty on mind, smell on nose, overall a great arrangement of bright red color leaves which are gives out great aromas. Now somewhere in your memory when you were growing up, your parents or teacher or through your surrounding you saw people appreciating things which are beautiful and have amazing smell. So that is the use of your memory and identity. Based on this identity and memory our body produces pleasant sensations. And the reaction which comes out is what a lovely flower. Now you have made perceptions and judgements across an array of things based on those memories and identities. But in-fact the universe or the creation gave both flowers the same sunlight and same soil. Bad memories brings bad sensations and good ones bring pleasurable feelings. But there is no good or bad, its just how the signal is interpreted by body and mind.

This is how we make judgements, perceptions and bring the difference of good and bad. Same kind of material can be good for one and bad for another. For eg a certain type of meat is liked by a group of people and rejected by others, just because of your identity. Why we are doing this is because we are only using our intellect to answer everything, which is highly corrupted by memory and identity. Instead we should be using our consciousness or awareness in order to produce the right kind of action. Because when we are conscious or aware we don't get affected by memory or identity but we are simply aware. That's why it's asked to come to the present, because in the present we just see things as they are.

The above understanding can used to understand, why few things scares us, why we run towards pleasurable feelings, make attachments, develop expectations, get anxious and scared.

On top of that we start taking our thoughts way too personally, start taking them as us. But we need to understand that this mind which is majorly a memory and identity is just based on what we have gathered throughout our entire life so far. Do you know anything which is outside your memory? if not then it means it's just an accumulation, plus you are the one who is producing your thoughts, which in turn produces various feelings and emotions. Now, the thing which you create can be yours but it cannot be you, it's that simple. But because these thoughts are coming inside our mind and after effect of feeling on our body, we start personalizing them way too much.

For eg. If you had a long day, you are little exhausted, based on these feelings your mind will say I can not do this, I just way too much tired, I am suffering etc... So what we are doing we have started personalizing every thought coming to our mind. This chain just keeps on growing and life just keeps on getting complicated, we just start personalizing every thing coming to us. We forgets the basic difference between me and mine. We stop seeing things the way they exactly are, we see them from a different lens. We don't realize we are the one who are producing them and then these thoughts they start controlling us, just because we start taking them as us. But you are not just your mind, thoughts and body.

So that's the power of mind, this is how it can break us or make us. We need to see through awareness, not through intellect, only then the right reaction will come out. Because awareness opens the eyes of truth and brings to reality where we just see thoughts as thoughts and feelings as just feelings, which only has one nature which is passing away or impermanent. Learn how to Observe, click here.

Because when we use intellect, we just start reasoning everything, we just engage in the mental game of question and answer. We build up a question in mind and start answering it. Just because we are not using the right intelligence faculty we always get confusing answers and we get trapped in mind psychological drama and start conversing with ourselves. Instead of living in this reality.

Let's Dig in a little bit.

1. Intellect makes us feel that every is permanent: The change happening around is so slow that we feel things are permanent. But in reality if you analyze and look 10 years back and how you used to look then and how you look now. Also check the change in thoughts also. What used to be your worries back then and what they are now. Means things are highly impermanent. Impermanence is the biggest truth. Use this awareness to help you reduce your expectations and attachments to things. Indifference to outcome should be the motto towards living, staying cool, relaxed as there are so many things are not in our control.

2. Feelings and Emotions is all that matters: We never realize the root cause of any feeling or emotion is a thought. Every thought raises sensations on our body, some are weak and some are strong. We run towards feelings of excitement and run away from the feelings of fear, but if you analyze and go backwards, both of these feelings are just a result of our thoughts. Thoughts which give rise to bodily reactions.

Don't take your calls under the influence of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we take very drastic steps under the influence of these feelings and emotions, as our bodily sensations influence us big time. But always have a right view, which is taking the decision under complete awareness, presence, reasoning about right and wrong. By being present in the now, before taking any decision. This habit could be developed by doing meditation and taking decisions mindfully. Try making decisions with calmness and less reaction. Learn how not to make a small worry into something big, click here.

3. Panic Attacks and Anxieties are based on fake feelings: Some Anxieties are mild in nature and some are severe, leading to panic attacks. It all depends upon how fast your emotions overwhelm you. Have you ever analyzed your own thoughts or interrogated your feelings. There are 2 things here. Firstly: Whatever you are going through or the thoughts which are disturbing you, is there no solution at all? Secondly: Is the feeling which is disturbing you, is that an outcome of anything more than just a mere thought, is it really worth getting scared of just your thoughts?

Interpret this process of how feelings or emotions begin, how do they start the process of sensations on the body and how we run towards or away from these sensations. With awareness you will know it always starts with thoughts and how much power you give to your thoughts.

4. Kill the overthinking: The moment worrying thoughts or scary thoughts comes in, the first thing we do is we start running away, fighting with them. With the right awareness you can introspect and see it for yourself how you retaliate or run away from your feelings. We start replying back to our own thoughts, you start talking back to yourself, you start questioning one thing after another. Learn more about mindfulness, click here.

What we are doing is increasing the level of fear, rather than what we should be doing is go completely quiet and stop these passive replies to our thoughts. Rather actively take a call to be quiet and by quiet I mean stop overthinking, kill mind chatter immediately and come to present time with quiet mind for some time.

5.This is the chart of reaction. We receive signal, based on our memory and identity we make sensations and then we give out reaction. Reaction to sensations is the issue, what we need to work on. Lets learn how...

Cognition(Input)> Recognition(Memory/Identity)> Sensations(pleasant/unpleasant)> Reaction.

Exposure Response Prevention: Do you know, just because you are thinking non stop, you have developed an OCD towards your thoughts. Your thoughts have gone highly intrusive and your response to those thoughts is hurting you the most. But you were not born with it, its with time you developed this behavior, which can be easily unwired with right training. That is called ERP training of mind.

You need to train your mind towards the harmlessness of your thought, by exposing your self to your trigger and then staying with your anxiety, till it drops around 50% and doing nothing, no reply back, no talk back, just be with your fear. This way you telling your mind, what you scared of is actually have no power. This will be hard in beginning, but its a long term solution towards your problem. Slowly mind will learn and will stop getting scared from those things. You can meet a certified professional for ERP under guidance or search non you tube for more.

Utilize the gifts of awareness given to us, where you can ask right questions to yourself and get rid of wrong thoughts and fears. And with practice over time, it can be really easy to get rid of your fears and anxieties. As with practice, your experience will improve and so is your self image.

Also because we use the Intellect so much for everything, that's why we get trapped on thoughts of past and future. But past is just memory and future is just imagination. Truth is just this moment. We actually don't suffer past or future, but our memory and imagination. Truth is here, train your mind to be here.


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