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Treatment for Depression and Panic Attack- Part 2

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

It's the ongoing extension to my last topic, where I have mentioned my own experience and how I tackled the situation myself. There are few more tips/strategies I would definitely like to add to make handling more easy, plus to reduce the impact of panic attacks.


1. Ignore the feeling or thought: This brings me to my first point, ignoring the incoming thought or the feelings associated with it. It is same as you ignore a worthless argument or people who are not worth your time, no matter how hard they try to get your attention. This is actually a negative thought trying to get your attention very hard and what happens in reality, instead of ignoring the thoughts we start talking to that thought internally and with all attention. Who is making you anxious, learn more.

For example: When these thoughts or feelings arise, we normally start talking back to them, like omg it is happening, its(scary feeling) coming back, why are these thoughts not stopping, what has happened to me, I m feeling so much fearful, someone help me or give me any solution etc... Its like playing tennis with your mind, instead of putting the bat down, we just keep on hitting the ball. My Question is can you play this tennis forever? Why not out the bat down?

As per my experience, what we are doing is we are giving this unwanted feeling too much attention, instead what you should do is ignore the thoughts first and then those feelings associated with them. So make it a exercise to ignore whatever any emotion is bringing for next 5 to 10 minutes, either it is fear, hopelessness, defeat or any negative thought, just ignore it for sometime and you will see the magic. Big magic of change of mind and change of feeling to normal and big relief. 

What we doing here is mainly looking at ways of not falling for our thoughts and learn how to work around them. It is like going to the restaurant, where you choose what you eat or similar to ignoring a person who is demanding your unlimited attention or like a toddler asking you so many things that you just ignore some demands. Learn more about ignoring your thoughts click here.

2: Drop the thought: Dropping the thought is a another big strategy I use, but this needs to be applied at the early stages. This happens when you realize those feelings are coming or are making their way into your body, you can always tell when that's happening. Main or good thing is that, it always start with a thought and best thing is to drop any thought which comes after that first thought and rather do something productive or read something what you like. Learn more on how to interrogate your thoughts, click here.

3.  Remain Calm and accept the feeling: One should always remain calm no matter what, as calmness brings awareness, any situation, any problem the best solution one can achieve is when you stay calm. I know it can become very tricky to stay calm, when you going through massive emotional roller coaster and your body is under panic. Try your best to be calm and don't react or overthink the situation, rather ignore the feelings and thoughts of unrest while trying to be  calm.

Also accept those feelings, don't be scared of them, don't run away from them. Just take them in and accept those feelings. Feelings only become scary when you run away, but when you absorb them or take them as your own, they don't affect you. See them just as thoughts, see those scary feelings as just feelings, do not in any condition try to deflect them. Accept life is a mix of good and bad. They will produce a shiver inside your body, take it just as shiver, just feel those pins and needles and accept them. But do not run away, rather accept them and then let go of them. Learn more on acceptance and letting go.

4. Impermanence factor: Were you anxious or depressive your whole life or this is a recent issue? Definitely it is not a part of you since your birth. Means with changing time your age, your thoughts, your feeling and your fears are changing. With everything changing every moment, start believing in impermanence factor associated with universe. Start noticing this factor and experience it. Believe me this anxiety or panic you going through will also pass away one day. Accept it we have to leave this body one day, don't be scared of your thoughts, they don't have any power. All the power is in calmness and in your hands, do not fall for mind traps which is making you feel something is wrong.

Its like Earth is rotating on its own axis, we can't feel it, so similar way everything is changing but it becomes hard to notice at one point because it's a slow change. The point here is that, whatever time or situation you are going through, it is not permanent, it will change eventually, but to make it go away permanently one need to have right view and need to make right view.

5. Build a memory and use it always:  Thing with panic and anxiety is that it is never there with you all the times, there must be times when you get out of this tense and fearful environment and felt super relaxed, back in control. Which first tells you that you are not crazy, it's just you are overthinking and way too much worried. 

So take those incidents when you are no longer worried and use that experience as a gatekeeper and do the same thing you did in past to avoid the rebuilding of such situation and getting that panic attack. It could be talking to your friends about it, dropping the thought, calming yourself down etc... Always reflect back and develop your cognitive muscle for better handling. Learn how our mind is like a committee of members and why not to listen to it, click here.

6. Exposure Response Prevention: A major reason behind any anxiety is compulsive thoughts. Same thoughts going in repetition over and over again. And one can understand how mind and body are connected. You feel what you think. This is also called OCD for thoughts or intrusive thoughts.

Do you know, just because you are thinking non stop, you have developed an OCD towards your thoughts. Your thoughts have gone highly intrusive and your response to those thoughts is hurting you the most. But you were not born with it, its with time you developed this behavior, which can be easily unwired with right training. That is called ERP training of mind.

You need to train your mind towards the harmlessness of your thought, by exposing your self to your trigger and then staying with your anxiety, till it drops around 50% and doing nothing, no reply back, no talk back, just be with your fear. This way you telling your mind, what you scared of is actually have no power. This will be hard in beginning, but its a long term solution towards your problem. Slowly mind will learn and will stop getting scared from those things. You can meet a certified professional for ERP under guidance or search on you tube for more.

6. Meditation: One of the most important factor, as it reduces the wandering mind and brings instant calm. Go for a meditation lesson and learn about your mind and the importance of controlling it and making it quiet. A very good one I would definitely recommend is vipassana meditation or there are plenty of guided meditation courses which are there on Youtube.

So above are some of the few important strategies, if utilized could provide a massive relief and peace. Learn more about the strategies to keep anxiety away, click here.


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