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Treatment for Depression and Panic Attack.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

"When it hurts observe, life is trying to teach you something" Buddha.

This is an ongoing topic to my last one, which was Acceptance. I myself had a long history of massive depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I was traumatized by the repetitive thoughts of suicide every moment. Whatever I use to think or do, I was just controlled by the emotions of massive fear all of the times along with feeling of restlessness and helplessness. I often use to find myself trapped in this very bad circle of thoughts, anxiety, panic attack and suicidal feelings.  A year before these events started, I went for a 10 days of meditation course, with one of my friend. When these events started he was working with me and we use to talk about all these problems of fear, depression and anxiety everyday and he use to help me and guide me why this is happening and what is the root cause for all this, which is our uncontrolled thoughts. He recommended me to meditate regularly and check the changing thoughts all the times and try to see the factor of impermanence attached to all these problems and everything in our life.  So I use to meditate religiously twice a day for almost hour twice a day, which I still do. I do use to feel much better after the sitting,  but it was still not the permanent solution, so something was definitely missing. After 2 years of suffering, continuous panic attacks. One day I found the solution and I feel I was cured majorly, some small small attacks does use to happen afterwards, but with meditation and better understanding of our thoughts I got stronger and got rid of it completely. 

Here is the problem and solution what I found.

Lets understand the process of occurrence, how these events begins and check the solution in the next article.


1. Everything begins with a thought. This could be triggered by some loss, one big event or some dissatisfaction, events which majorly causes a lack of emotional strength inside you. This could be a fresh event or a  delayed response like, something happened during your childhood, but it eventually surfaced at a later stage.

2. After the trigger, this thought becomes continuous and highly repetitive, now this thought has complete power to make you sad and depressed.

3.This thought then changes to overthinking and eventually gets mixed up with every other thought coming to you. At this stage every thought coming to you is either influenced by fear or doubts like, what if I don't get the expected outcome or what if I go crazy or who will take care of my family or I'll be super lonely, i'll be in mental institution etc. They come more when you are alone or in the dark and the feeling produced by these continuous thoughts could go out of control making a perfect recipe for a panic attack. Learn more about how to sleep well, when suffering from anxiety, click here.

4. Now it's time for some thought of fear. Understand how these thoughts of depression and anxiety changes to panic, it is just simply with the mixing of more and more fear into your existing thought, which will trigger the restlessness, hopelessness and helplessness inside you. Bad thing is from here onwards you will start feeling these thoughts on your body, you will come across some very irritating and uncomfortable body sensations.

5: Our Bodies safety response: The bad tingly and death like feeling we feel inside when we are in a panic state is a hormonal disturbance inside us, happened because of the restlessness and the hopelessness. When our mind is not in a calm state, the continuous negative and repetitive thoughts activates the bodies flight response. Our body tries to achieve safety, during which lots of fear induced feelings also gets activated. As fear is the most profound way mind knows to keep us in the safety net. These hormonal imbalance will strengthen the fear inside us which makes us weak and changes the overall experience we have towards our emotions and feelings. Its like feeling of thousands of pins and needles with shivering and more fearful thoughts.

6. This overall experience, when this goes repetitive, our self image changes instantly and we feel that we are suffering from some sort of mental condition, which becomes the beginning of a horrible and difficult to deal with emotional imbalanced state. It only seems to end with death, hence suicidal thoughts. Learn why one should not Suicide, click here.

So this is my experience with Depression and anxiety, and I suffered from it for total of 2 years, before the day came and the magic happened.

During this time I was regularly meditating, getting close to my mind and getting to know the games it plays. Our mind always keeps us busy with thoughts, more of negative thoughts then positive, we have to force ourselves for thinking positive thoughts, but negative thoughts, they just plays on the auto-mode, thoughts which have no head or tail but they are there to make us stressed and worried. 

Believe me 99% of worries we think never happens in reality. But still we think all the times, we are like on a auto-mode of thinking. Which is alright until these thoughts becomes sad and depressive. With meditation I understood more about the impermanence of life, how with every passing away breath things are changing, why not to worry about these things, how we get attached even to ideas specially when 99% of things are not even in your control. 

When you sit in long meditation, you will find always your mind running away in some thoughts, you will catch yourself from time to time and become conscious but your mind will take you far away in a long journey of thoughts. It means we are always thinking and always thinking some random thoughts about past or future. What we need to understand is how to take our thoughts as just thoughts, you won't ever get depressed from happy thoughts, then how one gets depressed by sad thoughts. This was a major break through for my situation, I understood just to take thoughts as thoughts and don't get too much affected by them. 

Physical stress is one thing and mental stress is just a result of bad thoughts, but after all they are just thoughts so why even get affected by them, slowly and slowly I developed the the muscles of making my mind strong enough to not react badly to these thoughts and give power to them.

Solution for Panic Attack:

Now the most important lesson which cured 99% of my situation was the combination of  Observing/Accepting/Not Fighting/Not Reacting to your feelings. As you must have realized by now, everything starts with thoughts, thoughts which brings sensations which eventually brings perception, those perceptions take you away from reality, thereby brings up the wrong manufactured emotions and feeling. 

By observing, accepting and not fighting you can reduce the impact of these feelings of panic attack. HERE IT IS whenever that thought of worry start, you will definitely get signs or signals that the process has started, just right at that moment, bring yourself in a observing state and increase your acceptance 10 folds.

DO NOT retaliate or fear those upcoming feeling of defeat or hopelessness, let them come, whenever they come up. Fighting means reacting and with reacting the struggle begins. 

For example when these feelings comes up do not think, omg it has started or it is happening now, I m getting those dreadful feelings, what should I do, I need some medicine, I need some help, all these additional thoughts now are increasing the helplessness and hopelessness factor. This will eventually increase the intensity of panic or its like adding wood to fire. 

Instead of this bad self talk, just tell your mind okay fine I know its coming or happening and then let it come, it is just a thought which has activated the fear feeling, no issues, let it come, lets see what it does. You are making that thought now powerless and keeping the entire control in your own hands. Making them powerless is the only key, which happens with observance, acceptance and no reaction. With time keep up this practice and keep on strengthening the muscle of acceptance and observance and eventually you will no longer suffer from this issue, learn more.

Check out the next article, where I will be talking about few more important points you need to add with this above solution. To make the mental muscle stronger.


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