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First and most important purpose of Life, is LIVING IT

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We come across this question so many times in our life, what is the purpose of this life. What am I doing here, am I here just to run for money, work or towards having a family and house or to serve with any higher purpose? Many similar questions bothers us, all the time and they just keeps us confused and uneasy. Sometimes these questions can become a big issue and could result in a agitated and restless mind, leading to lots of depersonalization and dissociation issues. To find these answers we read books, run to religious gurus for answers, look into spirituality.

After all my quests and my self interrogations, I have come to this realization that the answer to the purpose of life is very simple. I have realized our main and most important purpose is LIVING IT, no matter what. But the important question we always forget to ask is how to do this and the right answer is LIVING has to be done in a rightful way, with right morals and right views.

Another thing to notice or introspect is that, the most of our decisions are taken unconsciously, mostly under the influence of ignorance, greed and anger. Means either we want something or we are angry at something. Lets dig in more:

What is Right full Living or Living with Right View?

1. Reducing our Expectation: I know this one is hard, whatever we do, our expectations from other will always be there. But instead of trying hard to make them zero and failing, we can at least try to reduce them or work towards our life goals with indifference to outcome. Means not getting influenced by the outcome, but still giving our best. Learn more about acceptance, click here.

Not only expectations are the root cause for any problem, but they bring so many attachments, which becomes a bigger cause towards our suffering. We need to understand the law of impermanence, nothing stays forever, everything changes. So experience this law, where you see things changing, feelings changing, days and life is changing. Based on that experience, start reducing them. In reality, there is no logic towards having expectations and attachments. We need to see and do things based on in-difference to the outcome, still giving 100 percent of effort but without attachment and expectations.

2. Living without harming others: Many of our decisions are taken unconsciously, because we are always on the auto mode of thinking, not really their in present moment while deciding. Plus most of our decisions are based either on greed or anger. Imagine a person driving under influence, how dangerous he is. Same way being present, aware of our feelings and emotional outbursts, will stop us from reacting to each and every thing arising in front of us. Which will not only help us take the right calls and right actions but also minimize the incidents where we end up harming others and ourselves knowing or unknowing.

3. Living while staying away from wrongful activities: Activities like being mean , taking others for granted or taking things which are not meant for you or stealing, unnecessary lying, doing or making money from wrongful activities which are morally or ethically not correct. This will not only make our mind strong but will also keep our morals and ethics high. For a stress less life, good ethics and morals are very crucial, as they save you from a week mind.

4. Living is Keep moving forward: Too much thinking sometimes brings too much stress, worries, depressions and anxieties. These moments sometimes overwhelms us so much, making us go down the bad path. These are the times for which we are training our mind and ourselves. So that we don't take those drastic steps and keep moving forward happy and strong. Learn to letting go, click here.

How to do this.

1. Meditation: There are plenty of meditation courses available all around, if not then check out plenty of guided meditation videos on you tube. The purpose of sitting on meditation is to catch up your mind and understand its way of operation and then start letting go. Try Walking meditation which is easier and equally effective.

For Eg: When you sit for meditation, you will find out that our mind always keeps us busy with thoughts to start with, means you won't be able to concentrate for single minute, no matter what the object of meditation, walking or breathing. You will find all these thoughts are also not consistent, but very random. This understanding of mind is very important to better train and bring it on right path. These thoughts are responsible for your worries and stresses. These thoughts are about past or future. Past we can't change and future is in no one's control. Learning more about mind will make it easy to let go and living easy.

2. Staying Calm: Over the time we have become a bit hyper-reactive and because of that we make decisions without giving them much thought. As what we call taking decisions mindfully. As the decisions taken in haste many times result in harm and guilt. More calmness will reduce the aggressiveness and increase the peace in body and mind. This is very easy to achieve, first by staying in calm mode, understanding how mind works, reducing the eagerness to talk or reply, but rather increasing the listening power. Living becomes much better with calm mind. Learn more about forgiveness click here.

3. Calming the body sensation: Our body produce sensations based on every thought which comes to mind and based on these sensations we react, sometimes these sensations are so strong that they might lead to very bad decisions. It is very easy to catch these sensations, they are very prominent when they arise, it just requires little bit of awareness and once you know how they occur, your single experience can change many things. So next time if you feel heat flashes, sweat, nervousness or shivering, identify these feelings and see the thought behind them and what you are going to do. Now calm those sensations and stop that action. When Done in repetition, the whole living experience and letting go of stress can be reversed.

4. Slowing Down and Reducing the curiosity: I found this habit which is very common, we are always in hurry to reply or always wanted to know more and more. It just adds up to our re-activeness and reduces our observance power. Try to slow down in your response, answer or do things in a calm, aware and mindful way and even if you don't get to know few things it will not make you less of a person. This will reduce our nature of doing more gossiping or behaving in a mean way.

5. Power to Your thoughts: How much power we have given to our thoughts? Thoughts which mean nothing, but if given power can change our life. That is why being aware and living in now is highly important. In present moment our thoughts can never take over us and guide our way of living, but we could be in charge of everything we do. Removing all the guilt, stress and sadness which comes from these thoughts. It's not difficult, many people have done it already so even we can. Using meditation and being more alert about our thinking process. Learn walking meditation. Learn 10 ways to keep anxiety away, click here.

Hope things get little clear in terms of our purpose of living along with rightful way to live. Plus its important to understand what if there is no goal in life, will you stop living? Or When you know how to live well, you don't even need any goals to worry about?


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