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Positive thinking and Manifestation

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

As Buddha said " You become what you think". It clearly states the importance of "Right Thinking" so profoundly, one can never imagine. There are three kinds of thoughts positive, negative and neutral. Neutral thoughts are the one which do not give out any energy, they are just very basic thoughts, thoughts which are mostly focused on getting some work done and hardly give out much energy. For example thoughts like "let me pack the lunch", "let me go for a walk" etc.. As per my own experience in our daily life this is how I think, 70% negative thoughts, 25% neutral and just 5% positive and all this is happening in auto mode. I think this is the case with most of us, negative thoughts are always bigger in number than positive thoughts. The way we give out energy is like electricity, when it comes out of a bulb it lights up the room, when it comes out of a heater, it heats up the room, comes out of aircon it cools the room down. Similarly we shape our life based on what kind of energy we give out. We humans are always busy with thoughts, just because no one teaches us the value of thinking less, being silent, listening skills, how to be more aware and mindful, how to reduce the mind chatter, how to look inward. We are just on an auto thinking mode, always thinking something regarding our past or our future, always highly reactive and love to argue and respond. Either we are angry at someone, some event or complaining about what we have not received or what to do tomorrow, what all things I want, how difficult life is and all sorts of things. Mostly we are either complaining in our thoughts or just cursing someone. Then occasionally we set a few goals and want to achieve something, get pumped up and just talk about thinking positive. But soon again we give up and then the cycle of negative thoughts, complaints restarts. Why it's always easy to fall towards the negative side of thoughts is because giving up is extremely easy and takes zero effort. The moment you stop putting effort, you will find yourself in the negative zone. Also that is what we have mostly seen misery, pain, people always complaining around us and suffering around us and among us. Means negativity is easily available, where as for positivity, there are just rare cases in front of us, we don't get to experience it very often. It takes an effort to be positive and maintain positivity. And when someone is extremely happy, he gets overpowered by the feeling of fear thinking it might not last for long, he starts questioning himself do I deserve this much happiness. How to develop positive attitude, click here. There are various ways for manifesting what you want. For eg having a deep rooted faith in something, making strong commitment towards achieving something, having very strong positive belief. In all, for achieving and gaining something one needs to have absolute clarity of what he wants and then he needs to put his emotions, energies, body and thoughts in line, then and only then whatever you want to achieve, it will present in front of you without any effort. But as discussed above it's always very easy to give up plus too much joy and pleasure brings along an extreme feeling of fear of losing it. Means what seems so easy is actually not that easy. Also why we do not manifest mostly because our mind just keeps on jumping between energies, between positives and negatives. In reality the balance is more tipped towards negativity and doubt. Making the prime reason for not being able to do right manifestation. What should one do to make the thinking positive most of the time and also get what he wants? 1. Meditation and Awareness: Until you are aware of what you are thinking, there is no way you can stop this mind chatter. Only when we are mindful, we are more aware. Mindful simply means to remember to be aware of our actions, to remember to be present in the current moment. A mind which when sees negative thoughts arising, can switch in instant towards silence. This is only possible through meditation, as with meditation one comes face to face with his thoughts. When you will sit down for meditation, you will see how randomly our mind jumps from one thought to another and how much it thinks. Then slowly with regular practice we bring our focus back to our object of meditation and slowly the length of quiet time increases from seconds to minutes to hours. Mindfulness is actually remembering, remember to be aware as in the beginning the quiet doesn't come out naturally. It has to be taught to our mind. With meditation when you learn how the mind works, you can change the ways. You can definitely stop complaining and start to appreciate more. Meditation is the key. Learn more about mindfulness, click here. 2. Observance Power: We have to reduce our reaction to things tremendously, we need to see the things the way they are, see our thoughts the way they arise, without attaching much opinions, judgements and attachments to them. With observance we bring that distance between yourself and your thoughts. Otherwise we become one with our thoughts and end up being in control of our mind instead otherwise. When we raise this power of observance, we will just see things in their entirety and won't make any kind of love or hate feelings . By observation we can also come to the right conclusions, otherwise we will just be one with our thoughts and will end up destroying everything. For example if our partner is late coming back home and his phone was off for quite a time, we will feel something is fishy, he must be hiding something,doing something wrong and you feel betrayed. Not even thinking, maybe he might be busy with some work, maybe the phone died or maybe that person is in some kind of trouble. These are the thoughts which lead to fights and unnecessary anger build-ups and destruction of relationships and trust. But with observation we can save ourselves from falling for these mental traps. What are ways to have a great effective relationship, click here. 3. Learning from Experiences: We need to learn from our experiences, we have to interrogate our past, our memories, if we keep on making the same mistake over and over again, then what's the point of having this amazing power to create, think and imagine. Sit down and revisit your memories, do self reflection on what you did in the past and what you are doing now. We make the same mistakes over and over again, because we never reflect. We can reduce lots of negativity, with just going back in our memory and bringing the right change. Learn from the past and bring that change in your present, otherwise what is the use of all this intelligence, where we stay the same. We humans do things in repeat. A mistake done twice is a decision. Don't make that decision, rather see your past and change your future. Learn the best ways for planning your future, click here.

4.. Make friends with fear: Now this is the most important one, fear has such a tremendous power to unsettle everything to a level one can't handle. When we go over joyful, all kinds of fear and doubt creeps in our life and makes everything miserable. We can totally reduce this by making friends with our fear, love your fear, as you love joy. You will soon see this fear will have no power to bother you, as fear will see that you are no longer scared. You deserve every ounce of happiness you want, but fear is taking that away from you. Don't let it do that, start loving it instead of fighting. As fighting with fear is absolutely futile. In real life, you won't go fight with giants 4 times your size, we won't call it wise. Same way no one can fight with fear, but you can definitely make friends with it. In my case whenever a panic attack starts to begin or happen, I say "oh there you are, I was just waiting for you, where you were since so long, come sit with me". I have made friends with fear, whenever it's about to come, I welcome it and forcefully ask him to sit down. Next minute it goes powerless and just runs away.

5. Working towards it and Implementation: Law of attraction, mental attitude sure is one thing which we have discussed above, but manifestation won't just happen by thinking and doing nothing. Definitely you run the process through your head millions of times, but until you get up and work towards it, nothing will happen. See there are 3 important things which are associated with Manifestation. First is the cosmic power which we also define as luck, which is in no one's hand. Apart from that, the second thing is mental preparation and building a positive attitude,which we have discussed above. But an equally important part is the physical aspect, if you want something, you need to work hard towards it, give up the laziness, be persistent in your effort, and have to go through failures and pains. But without working and implementation, things don't just fall in your lap. They might do it a few times, but not always. 6. Patience and practice: It takes time to change mindset, these thoughts will keep on coming back, failures are inevitable, you can not escape from them. But with patience and constant practice everything is possible, small small changes will bring big differences. It's like going to gym and building muscles which takes time. Keep your practice up and keep some patience. Things will absolutely change when you put your heart into it. Thanks

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