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Mind Is like Committee of Members

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As  Thanissaro Bhikku  Says "Our Mind is like a Committee of people, every voice is trying to achieve a different outcome". 

What does this mean? It is actually simply pointing out towards various voices we hear in our mind, which asks us to do so many things, keeps us confused, makes us believe that something is wrong with you, you are going crazy mostly they are bad and just sometimes good. It's like you leading a meeting where you ask for the opinions as what has to be done for the current situation in hand and all these committee members comes out with so many different solutions. Everyone will come up with their own perspective towards the issue, some will sound highly aggressive, some will be calm and some will be highly neutral.

A wise leader is one, who will listen to everyone, he will not ignore then, but will calmly see, observe and then without attaching to any idea, will come to best possible outcome.

For Example, You put your money in a business and after sometime, you see yourself losing majority of your money. Then we start hearing these voices which tells us. Oh you are lost, you have no money, you made a bad mistake and it's a end of the world, your life is ruined, while some voices says its just money, it's not the end of the world, you can still make it work, it's a opportunity in disguise, keep moving forward etc....So every situation brings some good and some bad options. 

Example 2: You are out in night, walking alone on a dark street and you hear a noise and we immediately feels like something ghostly or strange is following you and we get unsettled. Instead of just taking it as some normal noise and staying calm. It doesn't mean you should not get attentive, but also one should not overthink as well.

Important thing to notice is that some committee members will talk very loud, these are majorly who the negative ones, like your doubts, fears, anxieties while on the other hand calm voices like things which promote positivity, confidence, calmness and peace will be very dim and weak. That's why we always give up easily, get scared often and doubt every situation.

Question is why we are more inclined to take advice of negative part of mental voice, not the positive part. Simply because the negative part or giving up is always very easy rather than sticking to the positive and self believe. As positive outcome, require strong mind, strong heart, staying up, not being lazy and keep fighting, which takes patience and persistence. This is what we have to change.

How to Change negative mindset.

1. First and foremost is to relax and calm down, our mind can only think in a rational way when it is calm and relaxed. Whenever you are faced with negative voices, high stress and anxiety, the first thing which should be done is bring the calmness. Understand this whenever you are not aware and your mind is busy in thoughts, these thoughts they generates lots of emotions and feelings on the body.

Our mind and body are highly connected, all these thoughts they leave a huge mark on our body. Thoughts are very random, they jump from one thought to another very swiftly, but feelings they take long time to leave this body. We feel we got stuck with feeling and then negative thoughts based on those feelings they go in loop. We feel there is no coming out and we go in panic mode. With calmness, we can definitely break that influx of feelings on our body. So calmness is extremely important in this case. When you are in right state of mind, then and only then you can think of change. One can very easily bring calmness by letting go and acceptance. Want to learn more about these then click here. Acceptance, Letting Go .

2. Meditate: You can only change something, once you understand more about how that particular thing works. Meditation is not only the best way to establish in reality but also the best way to understand your mind, control it and check your thoughts. Once you sit in meditation you will understand how random our mind thinks and how fast it jumps from one topic to other. This will in turn makes you understand the value of these thoughts and why it's no point attaching yourself to these thoughts.  Learn why it's sometimes important to ignore your thoughts, click here. Meditation also helps in fulfilling the very important purpose of our life, which is living, learn more.

3. Reduce Reaction: We need to increase our observance power and reduce the reactive mentality in order to stay absolute close to reality, as all the living is happening here in now, in this present moment. Not attaching your opinion to event rather than just observe your thoughts.  Reflect back on your day and see how many times you worried without reason or you worried for something which will never ever happen and even if it happens, the outcome will be completely different from what you think.

For reducing your reaction level, try not to respond while in conversation eagerly, stay calm and listen more and reply less. All this will reduce the reactiveness which we have acquired over time and make our mind stronger.

4. Positive Attitude: Sometimes the mind can't stop worrying, in those situation why not do positive worry and look at glass half full mentality. Thinking nothing wrong will happen, rather than worrying something wrong will happen and then take the things as they come. But for this mind has to be highly calm, understanding, mindful and aware, otherwise breaking the pattern of bad feelings and negative loop of thought can become very exhaustive and difficult.

Do focus meditation, where you focus your attention either on your breath or any other object of meditation, this will break the pattern of thoughts and one can easily come to aware and mindful state. Learn how we make a small worry to over worry and give power to smallest of events disturbing us click here.

5. Self Image: The two most important tools of our mind is our memory and our imagination. These memories play a big role in shaping our life and our future. One bad memory and we start using it as a glass to view everything brought to us. We never utilize good memory as a seeing glass, but let bad memories govern our life.

It's because of our insecurities and fear of failure. We need to change this and build a strong positive self image, which is based on facts and experiences. No one will live forever, everyone dies. Nothing to lose nothing to gain, everything stays here ideally, this will help in understanding this ultimate fact of impermanence.

Learn from past experiences, reflect on them daily and see how impermanence factor is involved in the unfolding of your life from moment to moment. So do not be insecure and scared, no one can touch you if you strong from inside. Be always mindful of impermanence and live by this factor, then no memory will have the power to haunt you and make you act in an anxious and scared way. Learn, how to build positive attitude, click here.

All of the above practices if used regularly, will give power to positive side of mind and make it easier to live listening to good voices in our head, rather bad.


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