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Updated: May 23, 2021

As you know Universe works in energies mainly positive and negative. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative, which we also call as our Karmas. We give out those energies through our thoughts and actions. When we act negative and full of fear, we mostly attracts bad elements towards us and on the other hand positivity brings positive elements, keeping us cheerful and full of joy.

Most of the time our mind is busy with thoughts of past or future. Past has already happened, but it has a great power to influence our current thought process and the energies we give out. Plus future is highly uncertain, so it has this tremendous power to scare us and raise the level of helplessness and hopelessness in us, overall effect the energies we give out.

All the famous techniques or the books, they all talk about being joyful, positive, stay focused, don't be scared, visualization etc... So eventually they all are talking about giving out good energies. If you give out positive, then you attract positive and if you give out negative, you attract negative.

In life, attitude towards things is all that matters, that is how we deal with things and situations. 99% of things happening around us is out of our control, they come out of no where and we can't do much about them, they just present them(External) and we have to deal(Internal) with them. Means what is not in our hand is the external environment, but the internal choices are definitely ours to make.

Many years ago, I had a shoulder pain and it stayed around for 4 years. I went to see physiotherapists, acupuncture people, got dry needling on it, the issue kept going on. One day I just changed my sleeping pillows and next day the entire issue went away.

This is just one of the smaller example, but in crux, some pains will come in our life without any reason and stay there for as long as they want to, we will spend thousands of dollars on them to find the solution and one day a small change and they will go away like a wind. Learn more about letting go, click here.

Means, there will be so many situations we will face, they will have tremendous power to create big turmoil's, will become an obstacle in our normal living, don't know how long they will stay for, but one thing's for sure. They won't be there for ever. There will be a day when this pain will go away. Important factor to notice here is that life of a pain is not forever, it will die one day without doubt.

Now, Let's talk about the time when the pain is there. Any kind of pain no matter how small or big, is a suffering for sure, it will definitely create a disturbance in your normal day to day living. And most of the times the factor which caused this pain is not in our control and plus how long it will stay for, no one can predict. What really is in our control is our attitude towards the pain.

By attitude I meant, do you become more complaining and negative or stay calm towards your situation and deal with it in an more understandable way. Of course there are sufferings and disturbances, hurts which will affect us badly, don't know for how long and but we can surely work on the how much factor. We can reduce the intensity with which it affects our life. Just simply by taking a positive approach towards it, observing the pain, being less reactive towards it and staying calm towards it. Obviously one has to take steps or medication( If needed) to cure it, but till the time it is there, let's tackle it more rationally.

How to work and change our attitude.

1. Learning from your past: Many times in the past we come across a disturbing situation and you must have noticed, even back then our attitude was just the same which was complaining. One day that problem did went away but what didn’t change was our attitude towards those kind of situations. Lets learn from our past, and see the issue as just merely impermanent, just a passing away event.

Majorly because we love the complaining part, we get attached to the complaining part of it, we find satisfaction in complaining. Let's learn to let go of our beliefs, negative satisfactions. Learn the best tips to take care of anxiety, click here.

2. Reduce Reaction. Our reaction to things have really gone high, a small word said or action done carries the power to instigate us for committing heinous crimes. We need to reduce our reactions to things. Reacting unnecessary under the control of our ego can result in us making choices which will harm us only. And why we are reactive, is because are not mindful and aware of how we take actions and behave.

Pick a time in a day, when you are most busy, so instead of doing things in a rush, do things slow and more mindful. Make this a regular practice, this will not only reduce your reactive-ness, but will also make you much more mindful at the same time. Be a good listener, reduce your curiosity but rather increase the calmness and contentedness towards things.

3. Listening skills: It is connected to above point, we are always in a hurry to answer and reply back. Once a day for sometime, practice this skill where you just listen to the other person and while listening don't think of replying, just listen and stay quiet. Its like watching a TV where you just see and don't reply. More listening will increase your patience level, reduce the reactivity and change your attitude towards life and its arising complications. Calmness will lead you to higher stability and then more peace. Lets learn to raise our awareness level, click here.

4. Visualization Meditation: This is a kind of meditation where we see us in that scenario where we have already healed or achieved our goals. Do this meditation on a daily basis, as you will not only feel better but at the same time you will have a good experience in regards to your current situation. And as you know experience improves the self image, a better strong self image will play a good role in making our attitude positive and start the chain of betterment.

5. Impermanence and Awareness: Going back to our first point in this article, we need to learn from our past and based on those reflections and experiences, we need to change our current behavior. Check how everything changes from good to bad and bad to good, life keeps on moving forward. But we sometimes get attached to beliefs, people and events, which goes against us only. Lets learn from our reflections, pasts and be more aware of things and events happening around us, see the impermanence factor behind them, see how they keep on changing. And then start changing your behavior, side the positives, become more aware of your surroundings, how things unwrap and change your attitude. Be more accepting of the change, rather being scared of unknown.

Keep your attitude positive as there are so many things which we can't take control off, but what we can control is how we look at things. Stay positive. Don’t be scared of the uncertain, but rather see it as a gift. One can't even imagine, how much goodness is laying in front of us. Two things matters the most, how accepting are you to change and what's your attitude towards the life. Raise the self image of yourself and just see the uncertainty and unpredicted as a gift, rather than as a scary monster. Believe me whatever will come to you, you will always be there and you will have the power to change it. Don’t even see that far, just see today, it's that simple. it will take time to train your mind, but it is very easy and very much possible.


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