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Is Fear of Death troubling you or giving you anxiety?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Anxiety is nothing more than heightened fear. Fear of some loss or fear of some unfulfillment.

It's not death which is scaring you, because it's the most natural phenomena. Does daylight scare you or wind scares you? They are also the most natural phenomena. What fear does is it makes the chemical reactions inside our body highly active. You feel heat flashes on your body, heat flashes in your legs, legs feel shaky, heart starts pumping. Your brain goes in scared mode and cloud of doubt surrounds you heavily. Your thoughts they go highly scary and you can feel stress in your mind and your thoughts. Person becomes highly attentive and conscious. Even if you have no thoughts, but you can still sense the fear.

What I meant when I said anxiety is heightened fear is , If I make you stand in front of a tiger, you will feel exactly the same feelings. You feel heat flashes on your body, heat flashes in your legs, legs feel shaky, heart starts pumping. The only difference is there is no tiger standing in front of you, so there is no tangible object to be scared off. That's why anxiety seems like something is wrong mentally, but in reality there is nothing wrong on mental level. Its just how body responds to fear.

Bring this understanding and make it absolutely clear. Whatever you think, it just reflects on the body. Mind and body are highly interconnected, if you think good then you feel good and if you think bad, you feel bad. It means your thoughts they manifest through your body.

For e.g. You having a real bad day, you thinking very bad, so your body will be very tired and fatigued and lethargic. But next moment you find a 100$ bill on the street, immediately your thoughts will change and so will change your feelings on the body and you will feel amazing. Just because we feel our thoughts, our thoughts have the power to control us. But in real they are just thoughts produced by you. They are not appearing from somewhere, you are making them based on your memories and identifications.

If you understood the above phenomenon, then it must also be clear to you that these are just thoughts which are troubling you. And its not the thoughts which are troubling you, its how you associate with them, that's what brings the actual trouble. If we can somehow break this association then you will understand how you are more than your thoughts and they have no power to influence or trouble you. They have no power to induce any fear and they are a hinderance in your growth as a better human being.

Lets Learn how to Break the Association with our thoughts:

And the ANSWER is Doing nothing. Whenever a fear overwhelms you and you feel all the sensations on the body. I want you to stop doing everything, stop the self talk, so not convince yourself of everything will be ok or this will go away or search for any solution, no need to rationalize your thoughts, no need to discriminate what's happening. Just absolutely do nothing.

Sit down and don't do any of these things as you are making something which is your thoughts bigger than what they are, you are actually giving them a power which they don't have. Understand how you give power to something, but indulging in it, but overthinking about it, by giving them extra attention. Imagine a crying kid wanting something, sometimes you just ignore them and they go quiet. But when you give them extra attention, they cry every time they want something and every time they will want more.

Thoughts leads to feelings and emotions and emotions leads to energies. But it all starts with thoughts, so stop the self talk, do nothing when thoughts of fear comes. Second you need to bring acceptance, acceptance towards this natural phenomena happening around you, not a single household has a situation where no one has passed away, and every one has to leave. Another way of bringing acceptance is not fighting and how you not fight is by doing nothing.

Another one is ERP, it is called exposure response prevention, where you sit with your fear or anxiety and do nothing and see how long it has power to disturb you. You will find out it can do nothing wrong, it's just you are doing this fight and not accepting the natural phenomena. When the fight stops, fear leaves you and you are left with awareness.

There is plenty of content on you tube which you can listen to or see about ERP. Read about how to deal with intrusive thoughts, also you can read on my website, I have written lots of topics on the same. Acceptance, Mindfulness, Awareness, Choosing the Right Intelligence.

Bring acceptance in you and get comfortable with fear. Fear is just an imagination, it is nothing more than that. Plus you are scared about something which no one knows when it will happen, it's like a road accident, it happens and then we realize oh that happened.

Sometimes I watch autopsy on YouTube and see what this body is and why I'm so scared. But I will recommend you to maybe see a erp specialist who will certainly help you get out of your fear.


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