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Interrogate Your doubts and Fears

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Fear is one of the strongest of emotions, its mere arrival can change any kind of peace and happiness into stress and worry. Fear has the power to weaken or break, even the strongest of all. Fear always starts with a doubt and when any doubt, thought over and over again it changes into fear. Once our thoughts have been contaminated with fear, we start doubting everything and can see the influence of fear in our actions as well. People who suffer from depression and severe anxiety or panic attacks, this is what mostly going on in their mind. Fear is mostly responsible for the majority of panic attacks a person goes through. A thought which brings this feeling of fear, starts a reaction on this body. This body is a combination of a lot of things, at any given moment lots of chemical reactions are going in it. So every emotion enhances some reactions inside us and those reactions sometimes take over us. For eg, the feeling of joy, can induce goosebumps all over the body, similar way feeling of fear can raise our heart beat, raise goosebumps, might make us feel dizzy and sometimes extremely alert. Have you ever noticed, during panic attacks, we often go super alert.

Now, when thoughts have been contaminated by the storm of doubts and fear. We start doubting everything happening around us, things happening in our body and our mind. Fear simply becomes the dominant factor in whatever a person wants to do. The feelings on the body are extreme, sometimes we start seeing things, start feeling dizzy, sometimes they freeze-up. Mostly they just feel helpless and lose hope.

One quality of this fear /doubt is that it always starts small, it will just start with one small doubt and then it multiplies like a virus and has the power to affect every single thought coming to your mind. And eventually it becomes so big that it affects every single decision we make and could eventually lead us to take very harsh steps.

How to defuse your fears or straighten up your doubts?

1. Mind and Body: Our mind works through thoughts and body it works through feelings and emotions. These 2 are highly interconnected, meaning what you think you will feel the same. If you have good thoughts, the body will have pleasant feelings and if you get bad thoughts, the body will have bad sensations or feelings. It will never happen other way around, this is the only way. Only difference is thoughts work fast and they jump from one thought to another very fast, but feelings and emotions take a long time to distance them from the body.

Due to this connection, we personalize every thought coming to mind and all the associated feelings. But we forget the simple logic, that if you think you will definitely feel it also. So if you have fearful or scary thoughts, then definitely these thoughts will be felt on the body. But falling for this trap is all which leads to panic attacks. Investigate what's happening in your body and then understand its the mind and body connection. These feelings are bound to happen, so just simply observe it, do not in any case personalize these thoughts and their associated feelings.

2. Personalization: If I asked you this question, can you stop thinking even for a moment, can you divert your thoughts, can you jump from one thought to another. If the answer is yes, then it means you are the one who is creating these thoughts, they are not happening on auto mode. So if you are the one who is making them, then it means they are your creation, you are not your thoughts.

Next time if this thought comes to you, which says you are depressed, you are not in mood, you can not do this, it simply means you are creating them, it's just you are not aware of them and the feelings they bring. That's why one cannot differentiate between thoughts and feelings and fall for their trap. All our anxieties and panics are just based on this unawareness. That's why Buddha said, just simply observe.

3.Go backwards into your doubts or fears: Any kind of emotion comes with a certain amount of power and that power is based on how much attention you are giving to that thought or emotion. But once we start interrogating that fear or doubt and go backward into it, you will realize that it has no power whatsoever. For Eg. If your doubt is you don't have someone to love and you are very lonely, if you interrogate this fear and check the reality of it, you will realize that there are so many people out there and so many ways to meet them, it's actually hard not to find anyone. But we have this attachment to the thought or doubt of loneliness.

Just go out and say hi and talk to people, go join a gym, a dance class or a meetup group. The important thing we are lacking is the effort of finding someone, our laziness or attachment to a particular negative thought is the reason for many problems we face in our life. You will find a solution to every problem you will come across, but it's the game which our mind plays by filling or corrupting our mind with doubts. If your anxiety is affecting your sleep, learn how to sleep well, click here.

4. Observe them. The best way to take care of any doubt is not to think about them to begin with, just ignore those doubtful thoughts and make them powerless. But sometimes we can't ignore them, majorly during nights when it's very quiet and everyone is sleeping and you are all by yourself. Try to ignore them first if you can't then let them be, its like if you can't fight them then join them, let them come, they will try to worry you, important thing is they can only worry you when you start talking back to them or start fighting there influx but rather let them come, just tell them come over and lets see. So eventually you are making your thoughts and fears powerless.

Finding an anchor for your mind, night time is most annoying, as you are all by yourself and obviously it's dark. So to anchor your mind will be the best way to reduce the flux of thoughts and bring peace. The best anchor for your mind is meditation, meditation either on your breath or a mantra, this will take your attention away from your thoughts and so take away your fears and bring immediate calmness.

5. Give it time: You will ultimately get the results and the peace, happiness you are looking for, but it will take some time and experience. As your current experience is an unsettled mind, which you need to change to a settled and calm mind. For that you need to bring the solution in practice and also practice it again and again, over and over. You have to change your experience related to your doubts and fears. Reality is there is no magic pill, but if you are looking for a permanent solution, then understanding and patience is the only magic pill which will work. Learn more about how to deal with anxiety, click here.

There will be nights and times which will be very hard to pass and get through, but with patience and doing the right thing you will find the peace and calmness you are looking for. Learn how to sleep well when you feel anxious, click here. 6. Don't care for solutions: There is another way to settle the unsettled mind is, don't care for solutions. Mind always plays by asking us to run behind challenges, that's how it satisfies itself. It will challenge us to solve a puzzle, or take a dare just to prove to ourselves that we can do it. But we don't have to fall for this trap every time.

Sometimes we can just let the doubt be there, without the need to find the solution. Leave it for a while or let it be, drop the urge to find the solution. After a few times you will find that you don't even need a solution, life goes on equally smoothly without finding a solution to some problems. You don't need to answer everything.

7. Finding the anchor for your thoughts: Our mind is always chatty, it's like you are a boat in highly turbulent water. Turbulent water here is our mind and boat is you. The boat uses anchorage to settle down in the turbulent water. Same way our mind needs anchorage in order to bring the chatter down. And a quiet mind is a present mind, when you are present you are far away from stresses and worries and all kinds of anxieties. Learn breath meditation or mantra meditation or walking meditation, just reduce the thinking to absolute zero, which is very easily achieved.

So start interrogating your thoughts and you will find a solution to every fear or doubt you have. By interrogating you will find out that your doubts and negative thoughts have no grounds and your fears are baseless. But one thing is for sure even if you found a solution right now and calmed your mind for the moment, but it doubts will come back again and possibly with higher intensity.

That's why along with interrogation you need to increase your patience and understanding regarding your thoughts and understand these are just thoughts and they will come and go, no need to love them and keep thinking about them. Rather ignoring them or letting go of them every time would be the best possible solution. No matter how deep or how strong it is, just let them go. Keep this in practice either way they will stop bothering you or you will not get bothered by them.

What Fear is really just a delusion, if you run away from it, it will become ferocious, if you see into it, you will realize it is just a condition, which looks nasty, but in reality it's just a thought. If worried about your purpose of life, click here.


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