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Mind stories keeping you busy 😂.

You will do this or that, you will say this and that. How many scenarios will you run?

Our mind is always busy with thoughts, its always busy creating some stories about some particular situation. It all starts with memories we have. Memories are not just mental they are physical as well. Our body is full of memory. For eg your body knows how to run, how to eat food when its completely dark, how to walk on cemented road and on the muddy water.

So every situation gives rise to some memories, these memories becomes the trigger for thoughts in our mind. They can even start from our body not just our mind. Like they way you kept soap in the kitchen resulted in some fight with some person in family, now next time while putting the soap down, physical body will instigate some memories of that past event which will result in array of thoughts and then rise in lots of stories, reaction, self talk inside your mind, no matter the other person is present of not.

We get busy in those thoughts in our mind, start the self talk and it can go for minutes and hours and sometimes leads to lot of anger and rage. And next time when you come across that other person you have an outburst.

Just because of these memrories we have formed, we keep on doing same things over and over again. Now this becomes our duty to catch our mind when it is making those stories or talking with itself and then once you catch yourself you can come out of those behaviours and become more aware of whats happening around you and thats how you come to consciousness and deal things in new and informed manner where you do not fall for those behaviours, stories and memories, see things the way they are and this is the beginning of something new and positive.

So be more present, change the way you do things, change your mindset and become more aware. First understand and then catch yourself of this auto life you living. Resultant coming out of these thoughts and living it better, happier and more lovingly.

~~~ Let's come out in present 😁


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