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Dealing With Situations like Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Life has become very fast and fragile, the current situation we are facing in terms of Coronavirus has taken away so much from our world in such a short time, nobody would have ever imagined. Thousands have lost their lives already and we don't know how many more lives it will claim.

We do not have the answer to question of when the cure will come or when this disease will come under control. Governments all around the world are doing their best to reduce the impact of this virus, but just depending on govt's efforts is not enough, there is a lot which we need to do as well and take care of. Apart from the basic precautions which is like washing hands, using sanitizers, keeping the surfaces clean, not touching face, social distancing we need to do lots, on the mental and emotional front that is where, the real fight is. WHY?

Because this global emergency has activated a global panic and intense fear. It is not easy times and definitely a situation full of stress and worry. But many of us have gone into the panic mode and have lost the most important thing which is control on own selves and our actions. We can see people doing panic shopping, stocking things which are not even required, there is unnecessary shortage of materials in the markets, few are using this situation for their personal gains and black marketing the important utilities and many of us are passing biased comments against one particular culture and community of people which is morally incorrect and inhumane. Learn more how to sleep well, when facing anxiety issues, click here.

This virus is just one example but there are so many panic situations we face in our daily life which have similar power to instigate fear, anxiety and panic around us, inside us. And most of the times we just respond with weakness and fear. Our morality, calmness, kindness, compassion jumps out of window.


1. Calmness: First and foremost is we have to keep our head cool and composed. You can only take the bestest of your decisions when your head is cool and mind is quiet, rather than deciding angrily and full of erratic thoughts. Anything done under the influence of calmness will not only make you the one in control but will also reduce the effect of the issue physically and emotionally.

Our body has such an amazing capacity to heal itself but excess stress and worry can mess it up badly. People have come out of deathbeds, just because of healing power of this body and believe me it responds better and faster when you are calm. Calmness will keep you close to reality and in present moment thereby you won't get much affected by fear inducing thoughts and in turn won't take decisions influenced by panic.

More than half of the people affected by this disease have defeated it and came out victorious leading a normal life, only because there immune system has taken care of this problem internally and responded well to medicine. So it is not something which can't be taken care off, there are live examples in front of us young and old. Put a smile on your face, stay calm and behave with utmost awareness rather giving up to this panic atmosphere. Learn various strategies to keep anxiety away, click here.

2. Awareness: By awareness I mean, being aware of your thoughts, the fear around you, inside you and then the reality of life associated with all of us. Being aware of how this life and body works. Instead of just getting affected and defeated by fearful thoughts. Deal with them by staying close to reality and accepting what's happening around you plus let go of those voices in your head which invokes fear. Be aware of your surroundings, people around you, their behavior, the situation around us, how it affects us mentally and then act in the most rational manner rather behaving with no humility.

People who are not affected by coronavirus, they should be aware of the fear being spread around them and to not get influenced by it. Rather raise the level of their own consciousness and see this as crucial times, should stay calm, behave morally correct but still taking important measure to keep themselves safe like taking all necessary hygienic steps. Eat healthy, stay calm and don't spread rumors and stay compassionate to people around you. This not the first time, we have defeat issues like these, history shows us so many times we came out victorious. Everything changes, life happens in cycles, life is a mix of both good and bad like a 2 sided coin. Be better and be strong.

People who got affected by this disease, they should see the positives, focus on how so many people have recovered from it. Just keep your peace and surrender to the healing process of this body, rather taking this to be the end. There will definitely be negative voices in your mind, always telling you about how there is no cure and its finished, but there are positive voices also. You have to make a strong choice, and have to only listen to the good voices. Learn how to make good choices in your life, click here.

Also by being aware I mean that we should be aware of the fact that this body is impermanent and there is no point having attachment to something whose only nature is passing away moment to moment. This body will also pass away one day. We all will leave it one day, there is no one in this world who won't face death. So living by surrendering to the law of impermanence will reduce your pain and rather will bring that calmness what you should have. So many accidents happens everyday and no one knows when is their last moment. Everything comes to end, don't go out in pain but leave with peace and being grateful of what you had in your life. Attachments to body comes out of ignorance, remove this ignorance as we all will come to end one day, bring your peace with death and surrender to this awareness.

3. Relaxed rather than panicked: Fear is a major factor for lots of our actions we take, like panic buying, stocking unnecessary things, racial commenting. As humans we can't control most of the things happening around us, but what we can control is our own action and our behaviors in these situations. Start meditating, check how our mind converts smallest of thoughts into fear and make us behave in most inhumane fashion. See how your mind works, how to control it, change its behavior and keeping its actions checked and how not to behave inhuman rather relaxed. Who is making your anxious, Learn more.

4. Positive energies: Our universe works with energies and our body follow the same rules. How about we all give out positive energies and cultivate the environment of love, compassion and safety around us. These energies will definitely help us in progressing forward towards growth and build an atmosphere of kindness which is full of healing power for better living. Let's put all the energy to law of attraction and attract goodness in our life. Learn more about building positive attitude, click here.

5. Rest is eat healthy, maintain your basic hygiene, constantly workout and build up a great immune system which can fight any problem. Meditate regularly, reduce all the bad voices arising in your mind, kill the stress. worries and cultivate the peace.

This will not only help us deal with situations like these, but will prepare us for many events to come in future.


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