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Calming Fear with Contentedness.

Updated: May 25, 2021

Fear is a really strong emotion, with a strong ability to shake our normal and calm living. We don't even need someone to scare us, our mind and thoughts are enough to bring that disturbance. It begins with a trigger, this could be anything happening outside or inside of you. This trigger could be as simple as watching a movie, thinking about some old event or looking at someone going through something.

Once activated, we can feel these strong unpleasant sensations on our body making us enter the super attentive, conscious state. Which is close to being present and being conscious, but the problem is, there is no stillness in consciousness, rather it is full of fear and bad sensations. Sensations which don't feel right on the body and are often termed as anxiety, with chances of them getting extreme along with lots of irrational thinking, where everything feels extremely hopeless and the sufferer feels there is no coming out which is also termed as panic attack. Learn how to interrogate your fears, click here.

Everyone says it is just fear, it's fake, don't believe these feelings, you are just overthinking. That's all true in a way, but the person who is going through such emotions and feelings, these words doesn't mean much to him, as that time person's heart is very weak and person feels handicapped and burdened by his own emotions and bodily sensations, which sometimes feels like the person is going insane.

So what are the ways of how we can deal with this Fear.

1. Understanding towards mind and thoughts: Until and unless we bring this understanding in our mind, how this fear is generated and how mind and body works, how the arrival of pleasant and unpleasant sensations needs to be taken care of, we won't be able to bring the change.

Understanding: We have six sense doors, whatever we do and feel starts with an input on these doors. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Body, Mind and Tongue. Whenever we receive an input, our body generates a sensation, which can be pleasant or unpleasant based on our memories, experiences and identifications.

It's like seeing a normal flower and flower rose, one which has no beauty, smell and looks when compared to rose. We generate pleasant feelings towards roses and unpleasant feelings towards the other one, but both are just flowers. This difference in sensations and our attachment to pleasant sensations is what we need to bring our understanding to.

2. Awareness: We need to raise our awareness towards these signals and how they bring these sensations on our body and how out of unawareness we react tremendously to something which is just a creation of a harmless thought.

Now the mind which is one of the sense doors, operates through thoughts, it is very normal to have scary thoughts. Everyone gets them, and they bring lots of unpleasant sensations on the body, which is our bodily response towards fearful thoughts. This is what we need to train our mind to see them just as unpleasant sensations and to reduce our reactions towards them. Learn about awareness, click here.

3. Contentedness: Lot of our fear is based on the presence of dissatisfaction and uncertainty out there. The thoughts of what my future holds, what will happen tomorrow, how I'll survive, how would I live with this stress and anxiety. These all emotions are based on plenty of dissatisfaction, unpleasant feelings and scarcity, raising a big question on our ability to achieve.

Most of the time this all becomes the reason leading to plenty of discontent. Person straight away falls into the trap of lots of questions like what my future holds, if this issue sustains forever then how long will I live like this, what my life holds for me all just bringing unrest in us and hence the stress, fear, anxiety and panic attacks. The issue is not the unrest, but the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness this unrest brings.

This is what needs to be dealt with in order to reduce the intensity of fear and stress in order to bring calmness. This needs to be done calmly and by raising the level of contentment in life, by being more satisfied here and today first. Understanding that everything happens one day at a time. Today comes first then tomorrow. We always live in today and we always are more powerful today.

4. Break it down to its very root: Also by breaking down your dissatisfaction from the long future to day to day. See how you are doing today, if everything that you need is there in ample amounts, then believe me, even in the future that will be in ample quantity. And if things are not as you desired, then you definitely have the ability to change as all the power is in your hand and a calm and strong mind can change everything, rather than a weak and worried mind.

We need to show our mind that things happen in small steps, which adds up to something bigger. So bring that contentedness in today and tomorrow will be all good. Our worries and stresses make our heart weak and weak heart is prone to irrational thinking, but by right understanding and training we can remove that trigger which is disturbing our emotional life and then use this normalcy in making the heart strong again and then work towards your goal. Learn how to choose right intelligence, click here.

I used this word which is train, these issues will keep on coming back and affecting us, but when we train to live with them, we can definitely reduce their frequency and heart and mind strongly.

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