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Top five suggestions for getting out of Depression and Anxiety?

Updated: Jul 20

1. Accept the feeling or Observe your thoughts: Issue only starts when we start fighting our feelings, majorly it's the feeling of fear. Panic or anxiety begins with a doubt, which will instigate some fear. This fear starts our physical reactions or hormonal effect, for eg. we will feel getting heat flashes, shivering, nervousness, crazy thoughts, delusions, sweating. And what we do is, we start running away from these feelings, which makes us more fearful. At this moment we need to understand its just a thought which has brought this fear, it has no base, we have ourselves created it, it is just a delusion or a baseless feeling.

Don't fight the feeling, accept it and let it come, stop running away from the feelings. It is just a bodies reaction to a negative thought. Don't get affected by these thoughts, they have no power on you. By fighting them we give them power which makes us only go deep into anxiety. What we do is, we retaliate to those thoughts, emotions or feelings by talking back to them, trying to convince ourselves something is wrong with me or indulging in conversation with ourselves and doubting our future. Instead of this we should accept these thoughts, it's like observing your thoughts and not reacting to them.

Do this exercise regularly, stop reacting to people by reducing your urge to answer and even replying back. Increase your listening skills and eventually you will see improvement in your own observing/acceptance skills and reduction in our passion to prove or show the power of superiority. Listening skills in just not towards others, but its also toward yourself and your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. A good listener is a great observer, as you are reducing your reactions to fears and bad feelings.

2. Ignore the thought: I have mentioned this before many times, over and over, another way of accepting a thought is ignoring the thought and stop the feelings right before they rise up. The moment the thought begins, if you can't accept the thought then try to ignore the thought. Just don't care about it, it will try to barge in forcefully, but the key is to ignore. Its similar to sometimes ignoring the crying tantrums of a baby. Learn more about ignoring your thoughts click here.

3. Interrogating your Thoughts: Is always good to go to the base of the thoughts. Interrogate this fear, why and from where this thought is arising, what is the root cause of it, does the doubt which is starting this panic feeling has no solution? If there is solution then tell yourself and believe me the solution will reduce the intensity of the anxiety.

4. Staying calm and Not getting Scared: What a panic attack will do is, it will make you restless and feel helpless. It will make you believe that there is no coming out of this helplessness, there is no hope and you are going to go crazy. In these moments calmness plays a very big role, staying patient and believing it's combinations of mental and physical reaction, which has just started because of some thoughts and is nothing more than that, recognising how not to get carried away by emotions.

The experience of panic attack is very scary, but it's not difficult to maintain calmness during that period. Stay calm, this fear or panic has no power or base, its just your thoughts. They can do any damage and affect you when you give in. Just stay calm and try to become as present in moment as you can and based on law of impermanence these feelings will go away straight.

5. Understanding mind: Happy thoughts never bother you, then why sad thoughts bothering you. Two things to learn here, first don't get affected by thoughts take them as they are. Either negative or positive. Secondly, Also learn giving up is really easy, as it doesn't require much effort. Our mind loves failure and attention. For seeking others attention it will try to gain others sympathy and show others that you are who is suffering a lot. If not trained well, mind will always pick up dirt, as a human we are more prone to negative thoughts than positive. Train your mind to be positive always, do not run for attention, always make the right decision. Point is, negative makes us sad and makes our life miserable, train to be positive and look for positive. When anxious, mind will think more negatives, the best remedy is to be fully aware and conscious and come live in present even for small time, till the feelings go away. Else mind will always make a small worry to big one.

6. One Step at a time: Fear becomes really big when we start to worry about the future, what will happen to me 5 years down the line, It's so hard to live right now, how will I take care of my family, so all the worries become humongous because we look deeply into the future and finds our inabilities of fulfilling the dream or finding the solution. But in reality, everything happens in the present, today is all you have, when future will come, even that will be called today and you will be present there. Don't go too much in future, just stay in today and live today first. One step at a time. Our mind is like a committee of members with lots of voices, learn about to use it wisely, click here.

7. Get the Anchor for your mind: Night times are the most scary as you are alone and by yourselves. Too much fear, hormonal response of body, too many thoughts all make it too hard to sleep, and inability to sleep certainly affects our peace. Now we have a new fear of not able to sleep when anxious. So that's how fear works, it keeps on adding one over the other. Best way is to take control of these fears is to be mindful and not thinking too much but rather finding anchor for your agitated mind. Put your mind on your breath using meditation, walking meditation or reciting a mantra. What we are doing is giving our mind an anchor so that it doesn't get lost in the ocean of thoughts and loose its sanity.

8. Meditation: Learn meditation, do a course. Meditation teaches you about the value of your own thoughts, value of observation, how to be positive, how to let go of things and how not to fall in trap of your mind. Meditation is really important for the ultimate peace you are looking in your own life. Learn how to deal with suicidal feelings, click here.

9:Read positive books everyday: What's better than making your mind positive by reading something positive. Reading positive thoughts makes a big impact on our mind, not only these thoughts teaches us about life from someone else's experience and perspective, but also takes some buildup steam off. As someone has already gone through what we are going through and that experience of others can teach us a big valuable lesson. And who better understand thoughts than monks. Listen what they are saying about living, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Implement those lessons in your life daily and all your issues will go away. Our mind is like a committee of people, we need to keep the power in the important members hands.


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