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Question: After Breakup I feel Anxious and vomit a lot!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Sorry to hear about that, first you need to accept that the other person has moved out, so you should also move on from your past and come to peace with it. There is no point dwelling on it, we all get attached to others, long term relationships brings stronger attachments. With attachments comes dependency and we get dependent on the other person for our basic survival, happiness, peace and living.

But unfortunately at times a point come, when you need to break that dependency and remove all the shackles which we have created around ourselves and the other person. At times it's important to free yourself of those attachments and increase your dependency on your own strengths. For this you need to raise your emotional and mental strength, to be frank there is no other option than moving on, because the person you were dependent upon is no longer there anymore. Learn more about strategies to keep anxieties away, click here.

For making mind strong and come out of that dependency most important tool you need is letting go. There is a trick to letting go, you always let go with love and compassion towards yourself and others. You can never let things go with anger, because until you make peace with the other person, pain or hurt you can't let go. So give the other person your blessing, love, forgiveness, bring peace inside you and move on.

Pray for their growth wherever they are and let go( stop thinking about them anymore). Our body is very amazing, it always makes memories, and these memories sometimes they disturb us by coming back again and again. So there will be times when you will remember how you guys use to spend good times together or how good you were to the other person or how you got betrayed. At these moments don't get angry on other person, but catch yourself in middle of those thoughts and immediately give that person love and compassion internally and say that you have moved on and let go of that person. Doing this few times and things will be amazing in terms of your mental peace and your overall well being.

Also this will make you more Calm and more present with your current relationship, forgiving your old relationship. Stop running away from anxieties, when we run from them, it shows we are week and scared of our own feelings. But these feelings comes from your thinking only, use the feeling of love and forgiveness when you face those emotions. Use the feeling of not giving up to your situational weak mind. Life is a mix of good and bad, as good don't scare us, similar way don't let bad scare you, they both are sides of a coin and coin will only have a value when its whole. Learn how to have a good long term effective relationship, click here.

Same way is life, you will come across good and bad, but no need to get attached to good or bad thoughts. You are right now attached to bad thoughts of other person leaving you and how it made you alone just let them go. Letting go is the only solution, Plus it is important to understand stress, anxieties, worries makes our stomach very week and highly prone to sickness. More you get your stress level under control, more stronger your stomach will be and the sickness will go away, in this case you vomiting, will go away. This should help, but also maybe talk to a Dr. if the issue persists, as there could be a medical issue in your stomach.

Calm Mind Power This is not medical advice, nor can I give you medical advice. Sorry! Everything here is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing medical advice. You should contact your doctor to obtain advice with respect to any particular health issue or condition. Nothing here should be construed to form an doctor patient relationship.


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