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Anxiety and Sleeping Well.

Updated: Jul 21

Normally we all are habitual thinker, we just keep on thinking all of the time. Eating, walking, driving doing anything, we are always busy with our thoughts. Getting those quiet moments are very difficult and even if achieved, its very short lived. Everyone knows that we should live in present and life is happening here, but it's hard, as chatty mind doesn't stop at all.

Now a thing about chatty mind is, it makes us anxious, sometimes little bit and sometimes big which we call as panic attack, it's just because of too much involvement with thoughts either about future or past. Stress mainly comes, when we are in doubt or are fearful regarding output or a result of an event in future either small or big.

Everyone goes through the issue of anxiety in their life, sometimes very mild and sometimes extreme. Anxiety comes through stress and worry which has become the part of everyone life these days. Now if you are suffering from severe anxiety, your sleep gets a big hammering and night becomes little more difficult than the day because one you are by yourself alone and then it's dark out there. Bringing the level of fear high as chatty mind goes more chatty and troublesome plus alone persons mind thinks more than usual as it's not busy and darkness affects our fear level. Our mind is like a committee of members, Learn to reduce the voices inside your head, learn more.

So what happens next is it effects your sleep making you tired next whole day. Now the next night comes and you try to sleep and again the chatty mind starts thinking crazy thoughts full of fear. Which brings stress hormone induced physical reactions, making it harder to be calm and peaceful. This happens every night now and that experience starts to overwhelm you. Slowly this becomes a mental memory and becomes a regular thing. Now you are restless during the day and at night hard to sleep. Which is a start of a chain of fear towards sleeping and scared of night. Learn more about how to have a good long term relationship with your partner, click here.

Dark and loneliness plays a very big role in terms of aggravating the issue of anxiety and panic. But a small understanding can surely help in reducing the fear and find the solution for your problem and making it easy to have a sound sleep.

How to have a sound sleep.

1. Observance and Acceptance Skill: Improve your observance skill towards your emotions and accept them exactly the way they arrive, without trying to bring any alteration or running away from them. Just see them as they ARE. Their will be depression, nervousness, stress and worries in life, because we are mostly just busy with our thoughts and life can't be just one straight line. That's the by product of our thinking, and part of living. But running away and fighting bad thoughts and running towards good thoughts and attaching to pleasant feelings is equally destructive. Live the life full of acceptance, this will surely will make your life much easier. And help you sleep much more calmer. Running towards calm wont bring calm but accepting everything what life brings will bring higher calm. Learn more about Acceptance Click here

2. Anchorage on Breath: Our mind is always chatty, its like you are a boat in a highly turbulent water. Turbulent water here is our mind and boat is you. As boat uses anchorage to settle down in the turbulent water. Same way our mind needs a anchorage in order to bring the chatter down. And a quiet mind is a present mind, when you are present you are far away from stresses and worries and all kind of anxieties. Learn breath meditation or mantra meditation or walking meditation, just reduce the thinking to absolute zero, which is very easily achieved. You will sleep like a baby. If question of purpose of life is affecting your sleep, then learn about it, click here.

3. Not Attaching to the idea of being alone and depressed: Our life majorly works on idea and attachments to those ideas. We get attached to the idea that we should always be happy and should go through no struggle and be surrounded by lots of attention all the time. In reality, there are so many things which are not in our control, in-fact 99% of things apart from your reaction is not in your control.

So expecting things, when you can't control much is not realistic and practical. This view can certainly go against you. Sometimes we even get attached to negative views, like being alone and being depressed, instead of just taking them as views and ideas we make the personal and suffer. So as I said before taking things as they are and acceptance will make the life much easier and more easily livable. Just drop all kind of attachments and views and live by the moment. Plan for future but do not get attached to the outcome, either negative or positive. Live and sleep indifference to the outcome. Learn more why it is important to ignore your thoughts click here.

4. Don't get scared by your own fears: With fear arising we start doubting our own abilities in terms of handling situations which are there outside and our future. But who is building up this fear, there is no real ghost, it's our mind. Our mind is always thinking, which give rise to stresses in our life, these stresses then becomes doubts which eventually give rise to fears and then these fears are responsible towards raising bodily reactions which makes the living difficult. Interrogate your fears, whatever problem you are going through has a solution, and understand its just a outcome of a thought, nothing more than a thought. Not worrying about your thoughts, getting over and understanding your fears will definitely take the pressure off and bring more calmness in sleep and life. Interested in learning more about how to interrogate your fears click here

5. Understanding the impermanence part of life: Whatever situation or loss you are going through will definitely change, nothing stays like this forever. Either you will get over it or some other thing will replace your problem. So staying on particular mindset will not bring any benefit or resolve. It's best to let go and live life for betterment. Letting go of your stresses, your thoughts, worries will bring a big change in your sleep and life overall. And why let go, because nothing stays permanent.

6. Meditation: There is no other better way of understanding everything about life than meditation, sitting down, being aware of your mind and thoughts will teach you, so much about our life and our mind. Once you understand your mind, you can come up with so many ways to tackle the problems mind throws at you. And get out of any problem you are going through. So Start meditation.

7. Patience: We are living our life this way since so many years, so habits take time to change. I have been meditating since last 4-5 years and still when I sit for meditation my mind runs away and I can get it to go quiet for just 10-15 minutes and then runs away again and I bring it back. So patience is the key, with patience, you will improve your experience, which will improve the self image which will fill you with new confidence and make weak mind strong. You can use this confidence to tackle any problem you are going through. So stay patient and keep practicing observance, acceptance, quieting mind, living in present and interrogating your fears. Learn how to remove suicidal feelings, click here.

These things will not just help in improving the sleep but your overall life will be much better.


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