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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

"Serenity comes when you trade expectations with Acceptance" Buddha.

Have you ever imagine how much restlessness one can control and get rid of just with the help of one powerful word Acceptance. What does Acceptance means, what is the essence of this word?

Acceptance, means getting close to the reality, and take things the way they are without attaching any kind of thoughts, emotions and opinions to it. Reality is never hurtful, as it is just the outcome or the way situation turned out to be, it is only troublesome when we attach opinions, feelings and thoughts to it. The original event changes to a new and manufactured reality which is nowhere near the actuality and that is what the most hurtful and dangerous.

All this can be very easily resolved by this one word called Acceptance, which not only help you or your mind but also bring back the peace which you were always looking for. Acceptance is a such a big tool,  if used well will not only help you live in present moment but also will take most of the pain away. Learn how our emotions takes us away from reality, click here.

Most of the times things become a struggle and stress because we refuse to take the outcome and fight it with our thoughts and emotions. We need to understand how so many external things are not in our control and how fighting to take control of things which are outside of us is just simply a futile effort. What and only what we can control is ourselves and our reactions, that is what's in our hand and acceptance plays a big role in bringing the control from inside. In the end that is all what matters how peaceful and in control you are of yourself.

Learn how to use this tool:

1. Emotional Acceptance: Every thought which comes to your mind, has the power to raise your feelings and emotions to a level which can lead you to take  wrong steps. These steps can result in a outcome, which can change the course of action completely and that is what you don't want. Acceptance of arising emotion or feeling due to particular situation, outcome or things can play a big role here in terms of resolving the thought process, bringing the required peace and reduce the probability of wrong outcome. For e.g: If you are not happy with your boss or the work you do, it could lead you to the thoughts of unhappiness, which can eventually produce the feelings of desperation and mental unrest. This emotion of unrest can result in impulsive decisions of change in job and ending up somewhere even worse. This wrong outcome can be stopped or the effect of setback can be reduced, by simply accepting your emotions the moment they arise, accepting that there is unrest in your mind along with accepting your bosses behavior. When acceptance comes, it brings instant calmness. You can not change others, but a small change in yourself can easily reduce the pain coming your way due to others behaviour.

This calmness can not only be used towards pardoning your boss, but also reducing the impact of impulsive behavior along with the development of rational thinking.  And then you can decide if like to stay or move on. A decision made in haste could result in disaster, but there is very minimum probability that a decision made with calm and rational thinking could go wrong. 

2. Acceptance of other person individuality: In our day to day life, we always find ourselves controlled by others and this control is higher from the people we love, like our family or friends. More the closeness in relationship higher the control. Because we feel that we are always thinking towards the goodwill of others, the other person is not competent or experienced enough to make the right call. This feeling and control sometimes can go to a dangerous level and can ruin the relationship.  You need to accept and respect the others person individuality and give yourself permission to accept he or she can take the right decision for themselves. Your job is to share your experience, but the other person knows what's best for them and let them take their own call. So start accepting and stop controlling. 3.Acceptance of change: We can never run away from change. We all get so much comfortable with our current situation, job or bad relationship that it gets hard for us to change. But believe me change is inevitable, change will surely come, if not with ease then forcefully, which could bring difficulties or traumas with it. But with accepting the need for change and accepting the emotional turmoil going in your mind one can decrease the emotional pain and increase the peace and calm. This peace and calm then eventually make the transition much easier.  First don't be afraid of change and second accept the incoming emotion or feeling, which will definitely make the change easy. 4.Acceptance towards current situation:  We are always on an auto thinking mode, either thinking about past or future. We make goals and keep on challenging ourselves all the times, believing that our future will be good. If today is bad doesn't matter, but our future is what really matters and that needs to be good. This thinking makes our current situation or present highly unhappy and stressful.  Understand when future will come, you will be present their to decide and things which are past now, you were present there as well. Everything goes through present moment. Acceptance of your current situation will activate your mental calmness, bring happiness and peace, which will not only make your past event memorable but your future also amazing. Learn how to build positive attitude, click here. If your current situation is bad, then accept this,  just as the current reality, not as permanent reality and keep striving for betterment. This acceptance of impermanence will reduce your stress level and will make you over productive. It is all about attitude towards dealing with things, if you maintain positive attitude then whatever the issue is, you can deal with it. And for positive attitude acceptance of now plays a big role.  5. Acceptance for better life: Overall acceptance will develop ease, positivism, promote rational thinking, bring calmness, reduce stress and your reactions. So in all making your overall life amazing. Learn more about mindfulness, click here.

Acceptance brings you close to reality, it is such a powerful tool that helps us tremendously, not only by making things easy and clear in terms of understanding, but also helps you find better solutions. It also keeps you calm and relaxed.

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